Montana Digital Academy


MTDA is specifically designed to provide unique online educational opportunities to Montana students and schools. MTDA puts no limits on learning. Students can access their classes whenever and wherever they want, eliminating schedule conflicts, and expanding academic options, while helping many students to graduate on time.

Created in 2009 by the Montana Legislature, MTDA is defined as the state online program for Montana. MTDA helps support instruction in partnership with public schools across the state. Unlike other online school programs in the country, MTDA exclusively uses Montana public school teachers for every course. We believe that supplemental distance education makes sense when students are taught by their state’s educators and remain in their community schools.

While our online program provides classes to all Montana students and schools, support for rural schools is a high priority. Our extensive course catalog helps rural schools to greatly expand their offerings to students. Providing access to Advanced Placement® and specialized elective courses offers additional opportunities and ensures educational equity across our state.

We offer courses during the fall and spring semesters and also provide a summer school term. Private and home schooled students can enroll in MTDA classes through their local public school.

For more information see the school counselor and check out the website: