Ronni Barney, Alberton Senior



Years at Alberton School: Two years

Post-Graduation Plans: Attending Missoula College

Activities: Volleyball, basketball manager, and track & field

Volunteer Activities: Earth Day Cleanup and FFA

Staff or Teacher Who Impacted Her the Most: 

Mrs. Morgan. She is an amazing teacher and always says something inspiring or just something happy to boost the mood. I really appreciate that about her. Even on bad days, she takes time away from her day to make that student's life a litter better. And some days that means the world to us students. Mrs. Morgan defiantly has had an impact on me.

Favorite Class + Why: 

Weights, I get to work on myself and push myself past my limits and grow stronger.

Wise Words of Senior Advice for Younger Students: 

Never give up no matter how hard the assignment might be. Always try your hardest; something good will come of it.

Most Memorable Moment at Alberton School: 

Being greeted every morning by teachers, just a good morning or how are you go a long way in today's world.

Congratulations, Ronni! We have been very lucky to have you a part of Alberton School!