Cy Bay


Cy Bay

Years at Alberton School: 13 years

Post-Graduation Plans: Americorps team leader, then U of M, and a career as a PA

Activities: MCC, working on the local skate park, river conservation cleanup, Dual credit classes, Whitewater safety

Local cider pressing, River conservation floats, earth day clean up, field day,

Staff or Teacher Who Impacted Him the Most: 

Rachel Clevenger  for teaching me how to write properly for professional papers

Favorite Class + Why: 

Welding because it is useful and stuff

Wise Words of Senior Advice for Younger Students: 

Don’t procrastinate.

Most Memorable Moment at Alberton School: 

Cracking my eyebrow open on the sidewalk.

Anything You'd Like to Add:

I would like to see younger students be more involved in school sports and activities.

Congratulations, Cy! Thank you for being such a wonderful member of Alberton School!