Zoey Zimmerman



Years at Alberton School: 13 years, since kindergarten

Post-Graduation Plans: I plan on attending the University of Montana and majoring in Business Management: Pre Accounting

Activities: BPA, Band, Choir, Volleyball, Student Council, Publications, + National Honor Society

Volunteer Activities: Earth Day Cleanup and Apple Orchard Field Trip, both with elementary kids

Staff or Teacher Who Impacted Him the Most: 

Mrs. Morgan has had the biggest impact on me. I've known her since I was super little and before I was even in school. She is always there for me and makes me laugh when I'm crying in her office. This year we've grown closer than ever, and I really enjoy her classes too. Every time I need her she is there, and even when she's not available she finds time in her super busy day to fit me in. Mrs. Morgan is such an amazing and positive person to be around and she keeps me sane throughout the school day.

Favorite Class + Why: 

My favorite class would have to be English this year because Mr. Johnson makes everything in that class interesting and engaging. I really enjoy the topics we cover and he is always making the class laugh and, on top of that, he teaches us useful things for life, even when they don't have to do with English.

Wise Words of Senior Advice for Younger Students: 

Try to make the best of everything. High school is hard and it only gets harder, but I've found that if you keep looking at it in a negative way you'll never enjoy it. When past graduates said it goes by so fast, I never thought it would, but it definitely does. You have to enjoy every second even when you hate the class or are going through something at home. Overall just try to keep a positive attitude and try to see the best in each crappy situation you face.

Most Memorable Moment at Alberton School: 

My most memorable moment would have to be the pep rallies we used to have when I was younger. We would gather the whole school, K-12, and play games and yell and cheer, and it was the most fun activity I've ever been a part of. Everyone was just so happy and no one was arguing. Also, this year Mr. Crews brought back one of my childhood memories by having an assembly and we even had a competition of which side of the gym could yell the loudest. One side yelled Alberton and the other side yelled Panthers. I was so happy when I realized what Mr. Crews was doing because it proved to me that we're finally bringing back the Panthers, and it was such a fun experience being able to do now what I did when I was five years old.

Anything You'd Like to Add:

I'd like to also thank all of the people that helped me get here because I couldn't have done it without them :)

Congratulations, Zoey! You have been such a wonderful part of Alberton Schooll!