Silas Acker



Years at Alberton School:  K-12

Post-Graduation Plans: Attend UM + travel

Activities: Football, wrestling, and track

Volunteer Activities: Skate Park sod installation, Brovold Orchard Cider Press, Earth Day cleanup, and Field Day

Staff or Teacher Who Impacted Her the Most: 

Ms. Stuker for helping improve in math.

Favorite Class + Why: 

Weight, because... its weights.

Wise Words of Senior Advice for Younger Students: 

If you are planning on going to college, get some credits done in high school--it'll save a ton of money.

Most Memorable Moment at Alberton School: 

Getting out two months early in 2020

Congratulations, Silas! You have been an amazing ambassador for Alberton School! 

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