Liberty Notley

S E N I O R S P O T L I G H T # 1 : 

Liberty Notley Years at Alberton School: 3 1/2 

Post-Graduation Plans: College Volunteer 

Activities: Earth Day Cleanups + Apple Orchard Day 

Staff or Teacher Who Impacted Her the Most: 

Mrs. Morgan because she has helped me through a lot. She has taught me so much and has helped me find myself. She is an amazing person and she does so much for everyone. Mrs. Wekkin has also impacted my life greatly. She was my first friend when I came to Alberton. She has a really great personality and never fails to put a smile on my face. 

Favorite Class + Why: 

My favorite classes are Government, Careers, and my TA class because they have my favorite teachers. 

Wise Words of Senior Advice for Younger Students: 

Stay on track and work towards what you want. You are the only person responsible for your future. 

Most Memorable Moment at Alberton School: 

My most memorable moment at this school would have to be all the stuff that happens in careers 

Congratulations, Liberty! We are so proud to have you as an Alberton Panther! Over the next month and a half until graduation, we will showcase each of our amazing seniors. Be sure to give them all a round of applause!